What is “The Track”?

“The Track” is short for the OMY’s Professional Development Track for Ministers with Youth who walk with High School age youth in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Like a train track, it is meant to “onboard” Ministers with Youth at their level of experience and formation and help “move” them forward in their formation journey. It has three (3) distinct “Stops”:

The Track Stop 1 > Ministry 101: Ministry with Youth Orientation

This is a yearly, in-person training on basic practical skills in Ministry with Youth to help new Ministers establish healthy habits crucial to effectively engaging in the mission of ministering with young people.

It is intended for New Ministers with Youth with 3 years or less in their ministry role.

Topics include the Vocation and Role of a Minister, Establishing Vision and Goals, Teams and Partnerships, Professionalism, and Basic Management Skills. New to 2024 will be How to Build a Marketing Strategy that You Can Actually Use.

The Track Stop 2 > Minister Cohorts

Building on the foundations in Ministry 101, Minister Cohorts are a one-year, one-hour-a-month on Zoom training on six essential elements of Ministry with Youth:

  1. Working with What You Have
  2. Building a Dynamic Team of Volunteers
  3. Loving Parents and Working with Them
  4. Developing More Than Free Labor
  5. Models of Ministry
  6. Implementing Intentional Discipleship

It is intended for all lay Ministers who complete Ministry 101 or those who have been in their ministry role for a few years.

The Track Stop 3 > Certificate in Youth Ministry Studies

Through contact instruction, Ministers can expect to continue to build a community of support and be equipped with the essential knowledge of ministry, spirituality, and practical skills needed to minister to teens today. Courses covered are:

  • Person of the Youth Minister
  • Context of Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Management
  • Parish Infrastructure
  • Forming Missionary Disciples
  • Prayer & Worship
  • Forming Catholic Identity
  • Pastoral Care

All Ministers who have been in Ministry for at least 3 years of ministry experience are encouraged to participate.