NCYC 2023 Pilgrim Delegation, Arch. of Philadelphia


In order to help you prepare, we have put together a Group Leader Packet with pertinent information, pilgrimage costs, billing details, and more. PLEASE REVIEW IT AND ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY.

Preparation is Key to making this pilgrimage a truly transformative experience.

GROUP LEADER PACKET (A MUST read. It contains EVERYTHING you need to know now)

Included in this packet are:

  • NCYC 2023 Dates and Program Info
  • Pilgrim Package and Prices
  • Payment Process
  • Cancellations and Additions to Your Group
  • VERY Important Deadlines
  • Individual Registration Process
  • Transportation
  • Hotel
  • Group Leader and Chaperone Responsibilities
  • Pilgrimage Prayers
  • Fundraising

**CLICK HERE for our recorded Zoom call explaining the information in the Group Leader Packet. Passcode: $r=hJH68

VERY IMPORTANT DEADLINES (Included in the Group Leader Packet)

Schedule and details are included in the Group Leader Packet (a MUST read)

FORMS (Details and due dates included in the Group Leader Packet)